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This tale brings us to the Kingdom of Dravia. The last true kingdom left of the old world. The others lost to the first war. King Haldon VII rules in the shining capital city of Draven. The city has stood as a bastion of hope since it was the Dark Ones were defeated at its door step.

In Recent years Dravia shining light has started to fade. Tales from the east of walkers and shamblers coming from the dark recess of the mountains. Some even say they have seen giant wings of the Dark Ones block out the night. Shrieks and howls that make even the Knights of Dravia falter. 

You can see the King has been sending patrols of Knights leaving the city every night but you seem to notice fewer return or some returning carrying themselves as if they have been battling all night for weeks. 

You hear many rumors of outlying villages turning into ghost towns but you see no refuges coming to the city. You see no merchants coming from the east or south. This goes on for a few weeks, rumors and tales is always what the King says. Rumors and Tales…

On this night you are on your nightly walk, you see the reddest moon rise from the west. This night seems much colder than the last… At first you hear a faint shriek in the distance. Then suddenly it feels as if its right above you, your ears start to ring as it passes over head. The chill and fear take you and you flee from the ramparts. 

Once off the wall you realize the rumors were true the Dark Ones have returned. Then the whole city seems to turn to chaos. You can still hear the blood curdling screams as the red moon rose that night. 

Your only hope was to flee far from the city, leaving behind everything and everyone. Save you few.. 


The group consists of 1 person appointed as the leader(Heir/Prince or Princess of Dravia) you are all connected various ways. Perhaps a knight appointed to protect the heir to the throne. City watchmen on the night of the fall. High priest of Dravia. Advisor to the Heir. Personal chef. Lifelong companion. Mistress. It's completely up to you. Just let me know.

Dravens Fall

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